01. Is the GIFTCARDCODES.ORG safe to use?

The answer for this question is of course YES! All our free gift cards are scanned and manually checked so that it does not contain any harmful data for the user or the users account. As well you will not download anything, the code will appear on our web site, and you will be writing it on a peace of paper, not having any chance fitting viruses, or similar malware and trojans.

02. Why do i have to complete an offer to get my free gift card code?

You have to complete a offer to prove that you are not spam bot. It is generated when the process is complete. This is happening because we had a lot, and i mean A LOT of spammers and abusers to our support and that was the main reason why our servers was usually down all the time. So with this way only the users that are human and take these things in serious are using the GIFTCARDCODES.ORG generator.